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Madan Singh Meena

Madan Singh Meena always wanted to become an IAS officer which is clearly shows in his style of working. When our Fellow first visited the school, it looked like a well managed school. Everything around looked perfect, teachers were in class, HM was busy doing his work and children seemed to be obedient. As the visits increased, it was clear that Madan ji was managing the institution very well, however there were a lot of gaps. It was not a well led institution. The school had a very controlling environment and teachers had very little to do with each other and the HMs ‘Dak work’ and vice versa.

Our Fellow understood this quickly and started to design interventions accordingly. He first conducted some team building activities among the school staff along with the HM. On the other hand, he encouraged the HM to take small initiatives like participating in the assembly, providing staff and children with equal opportunity to participate and observing other school related activities. All of this led to increased ownership at work by the staff. Meanwhile, the team building activities resulted in HM being able to build a coordinated team. Through one of the activities, all the staff members including the HM decided to contribute more in the school based on their strengths and interest areas. Some took charge of art and sports, and some got involved in managing Mid day meals, taking extra class and community involvement.

The Fellow also leveraged on HM’s dream to join the civil services and motivated him to set high goals for the school just like he did for his personal life. Madan Singh started collecting his thoughts for the vision of his school and sharing the same with the staff for shared ownership and inputs helped the staff as a team to work towards one single mission that would result in favor of the students. The progress of the school was tremendous and evident. The HM shared about his change journey quoting “Today, I appreciate everyone around me. Be it a child, a community member or my staff. I try to focus on the positives of people.” Our Fellow feels that there is a positive change in the attitude of the HM and Madan ji has emerged as a true leader despite his struggle with the staff with regard to his caste being socially inferior or by treating the role as a mere administrator to looking at himself as a leader. Madan ji’s confidence in himself and people around him has seen a drastic flight.

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