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Shri Dariya Singh

School:  Berasar Budhu, Rajasthan.

About headmaster: Shri Dariya Singh is a very passionate and disciplined person.  Since his youth he had a deep desire to join the army.  This was the source of his utter disciplined life.  When he became the principal these traits became evident in his administration. 

Pre SLDP: Children feared him because he wouldn’t shy away from beating them if they did not obey the rules.  This discouraged students from attending school altogether.  As the attendance in his school fell and so did the quality of education. 

SLDP INTERVENTION: This is when he was encouraged by our fellow to attend one of our PLDP workshops.  Initially hesitant but he still gave it a shot.  Enjoying the discussion and the activities in the workshops, he became more frequent in attending these workshops.  The theme of one of the workshops was ‘Fear Free Environment’ in schools.  Inspired by this workshop he decided to practice this in his school. 

Post sldp : With the help of our fellow and Self Learning Materials (SLM) he planned activities / changes that could promote ‘fear free’ environment in school.  One of the most effective was the start of inter-school sports events.  This provided opportunity to the students, especially female students, to break out of the stereotypes and showcase their talents in front of their friends, teachers, and community.  In one such event, the school and won a desktop computer from the community which is currently being used to improve computer education in his school.  Reflective practices, ban on corporal punishment. He also started taking interest in the learning process of children.  He frequently home visited his students to encourage the parents to create an environment at home where the child can continue his learning process even after school hours.  The community gradually acknowledged his consistent efforts and started supporting him in his endeavor to create a learning environment in the school.

The attendance in the school and the quality of education in his school has improved significantly since his transformation.  He is much loved by his students and staff.  Today children do not fear him, rather play music, sports, and participate in assembly with him.  He has also started taking primary classes to support and better understand a child’s learning process. 

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