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Case Studies

Madan Singh Meena

Madan Singh Meena always wanted to become an IAS officer which is clearly shows in his style of working. When our Fellow first visited the school, it looked like a well managed school. Everything around looked perfect, teachers were in class, HM was busy doing his work and children seemed to be obedient. As the visits increased, it was clear that Madan ji was managing the institution very well, however there were a lot of gaps. It was not a well led institution.

Shri Dariya Singh

School:  Berasar Budhu, Rajasthan.

About headmaster: Shri Dariya Singh is a very passionate and disciplined person.  Since his youth he had a deep desire to join the army.  This was the source of his utter disciplined life.  When he became the principal these traits became evident in his administration. 

A Will To Succeed, Anywhere: Rukiminiji's Story

"No matter where I am, but I will work with more dedication and make my school much better than before and convert it into a model school"

Rukmini ji is the immensely motivated Headmistress of a Government Primary School in Mahansar, Rajasthan where she has been transferred to last year. With a M.Sc. and MA to her name, she has always valued education as being of utmost importance and feels that teaching is not only a respectful profession, but also an opportunity to contribute towards education of underprivileged kids.

Learning To Love And Lead: Prabodhji's Journey

Headmaster Prabodh Sharma is the headmaster of the upper primary school in Devipura. He has been associated with the PLDP program since 2008.
Prabodhji is a deeply religious person and his beliefs are influenced by the Hindu society caste order. He is also extremely fond of children. However in his school, disciplining students by beating them was a regular practice. The staff was very conservative and Prabodhji himself harbored certain gender and caste prejudices.

The Journey To Joy And Meaning: Yashwantji's Story

"I will rest only when I turn this school into the best school"

If you want to meet Yashwantji between 4 pm to 6 pm on a school day, you will most probably still find him in the school busy completing the school's administrative paper work. He prefers to do the paperwork after school hours because during the school hours he wants to spend maximum time with children in the class- room. Sounds unbelievable? Read on.

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